Box 1: Setting up a sustainable health monitoring system

Box 2: Drug-related public nuisance: trends in policy and measures, in EMCDDA 2005 Annual report: selected issues

Box 3: The European school survey project on alcohol and other drugs (ESPAD): a growing resource for understanding trends in drug and alcohol use in young people

Box 4: Estimating drug use in the population

Box 5: Treatment demand indicator

Box 6: Interpreting seizures and market data

Box 7: HIV and AIDS in eastern Europe

Box 8: Highly active antiretroviral therapy in the WHO European region

Box 9: Making services more accessible

Box 10: Buprenorphine: treatment, misuse and prescription practices, in EMCDDA Annual report 2005: selected issues

Box 11: Drug use and crime – some data

Box 12: Alternatives to imprisonment: targeting offending problem drug users in the EU, in EMCDDA Annual report 2005: selected issues