Seizures and market information (98)

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Production and trafficking

Colombia is by far the largest source of illicit coca in the world, followed by Peru and Bolivia. Global production of cocaine in 2003 has been estimated at 655 tonnes, to which Colombia contributed 67 %, Peru 24 % and Bolivia 9 % (CND, 2005). Most of the cocaine seized in Europe comes directly from South America (Colombia) or via Central America and the Caribbean. In 2003, Brazil, Venezuela and Costa Rica, in particular, were reported as transit countries for cocaine imported into the EU, alongside Argentina, Costa Rica and Curaçao (Reitox national reports, 2004; CND, 2005). Other transit areas were southern and western Africa (INCB, 2005). The main points of entry into the EU remained Spain, the Netherlands and Portugal (Reitox national reports, 2004; CND, 2005; INCB, 2005).

(98) See ‘Interpreting seizures and market data’.