Reducing health-related harm

Over the past few years, measures aimed at the prevention and reduction of health-related harm associated with the use of cocaine and crack cocaine have increased rapidly, and new cocaine and crack-specific information has been produced, especially on the Internet. Telephone helplines in Belgium, France and Portugal have received more information requests about cocaine and crack cocaine use than ever before, although the percentage of these calls still remains far lower than those concerning legal drugs and cannabis. More training on how to respond adequately to problems arising from cocaine and crack cocaine use in a number of settings where this is a recent phenomenon (the weekend scene in Dublin or the techno-scene in Vienna) is available for staff working at drugs services.

Specialised counselling and offers of treatment for cocaine and crack cocaine users exist in big urban centres, for example in Frankfurt (Suchthilfezentrum Bleichstrasse), Barcelona (Hospital Vall d’Hebron), Vienna (ChEck iT!) and London (