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Public health

Box 1: Setting up a sustainable health monitoring system

The establishment and operation of a sustainable health monitoring system is among the key objectives of the public health programme (2003–08). The Commission has pursued consultations with Member States and international bodies with a view to consolidating a set of European Community health indicators. In this context, ‘drug-related deaths’ and ‘consumption of psychotropic drugs’ were included in the draft core indicators list, thereby reinforcing structural links with the EMCDDA as a potential data producer.

At the European level, drug prevention is included in the health determinants strand of the public health programme (12). The 2004 work plan of this programme focused on the Council recommendation of 18 June 2003 and the development, with the involvement of the EMCDDA, of an appropriate base for an inventory of activities in the EU. The Commission encouraged stakeholders to submit proposals involving a lifestyle approach to addressing the abuse of all substances with addictive potential, especially in recreational places (e.g. nightclubs) and prisons. It was particularly interested in the development of best practice and improvements in communications and the dissemination of information involving modern techniques. The Commission selected four projects in 2004, which aimed to prevent risk-taking behaviour, to harmonise international knowledge on the biomedical side-effects of doping, to reinforce the transfer of knowledge on responses to drug consumption and to extend to the new Member States an existing web resource of information on licit and illicit drugs.

(12) Decision no. 1786/2002/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 23 September 2002, adopting a programme of Community action in the field of public health (2003–08) – Commission Statements Official Journal L271, 09/10/2002, pp. 0001–0012.